Code of Ethics of SuperDaddy.Club.

We are the first Online Dating service with a strict Code of Ethics.


In this Code of Ethics, the following definitions apply.
"We" means SuperDaddy.Club or its owners, staff or affiliates;
"You" means members of SuperDaddy.Club - whether or unpaid;
"Services" means the websites, applications or apps, messaging facilities and videoconference facilities of SuperDaddy.Club.

Code of Ethics

You unconditionally and irrevocably agree to the following Code of Ethics effective from the date of your membership.
1) Legal Age: We and You must be at least 21 years of legal age. You shall prevent anyone below the age of 21 to use any Services, using your computers, smart phones, tablets or other electronic equipment.
2) Human Trafficking : You shall not engage in human trafficking.
3) Modern Slavery : You shall not enage in any form of Modern Slavery.
4) Prostitution : You shall not engage in or tolerate prostitution or improper solicitation.
5) SugarBabes and/or SugarDads : (Special note - The words are often used to glorify prostitution; whether sex is involved or not. In order to protect the Services for the benefit of everyone we have introduced this condition. If you disagree, you are free to go elsewhere.) You shall not use the Services if the intention is to find a SugarDaddy or SugarBabe or offer yourself as a SugarDaddy or SugarBabe.
6) Privacy : You shall not demand or ask for private information of other members; unless both of you have consented to share the same.
7) Spam : You shall not send unsolicited email to any other member.
8) Scam : You shall not request, demand or solicit money, gifts, travel tickets or any other items of value from any other member.
9) Discretion : You shall not disclose information about any member to anyone else including other members.
10) Geolocation : You shall not pretend to be living in any country other than that in which you normally live.
11) Reporting of Violation: You shall immediately report any member who you have reasons to suspect that he or she may be violating this Code of Ethics. We shall conduct an investigation and may expel or block the other member from our Services.

Rights and Remedies

SuperDaddy.Club reserves full right to amend or revise or replace this Code of Ethics without prior notice to any members.

If you do not agree with such amended or revised Code of Ethics; you must terminate your membership immediately. We provide pro-rata refunds to members who wish to cancel their membership.

Let us be proud to enjoy Internet Dating on an ethical basis!
With love,
Your friends at the SuperDaddy.Club